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Our key services

Webdesign and Development
Web Design is a very important tool in todays business environment. It is imperative to have a website designed for your business to be competitive. We are always keeping its services up-to-date with the latest trends on the market. Our professional team can create a website as per your needs using the latest web technologies. We expertise in understanding business requirements and delivering high quality business web solutions and services. One of the biggest reasons clients choose and trust us is our creativity in the designs and ability to provide all the services and technical support to make their organisations online presence a success. We believe in long term business relationship and client growth and that is why after-sale support is a key factor in our business approach.

E-commerce Websites
Our ecommerce solution covers all the basic and advanced features with respect to ecommerce applications, from the easy to surf front end to the user-friendly content management at the back end. If you want to sell products online with a shopping cart system you'll want to take advantage of our ecommerce platform. You'll have the ability to easily add products to your catalogue, adjust prices, run specials and have your website do the business.

Responsive Website
With the increased use of mobile devices the need for web applications that work in all environment cannot be underestimated. Responsive web design seeks to solve the issue of device compatibility. We, Mediatoonz expertise in Responsive website development as per the client requirement.
Graphic Design and Branding
Logo Design
We believe that there is nothing like a great logo to give a business the right attitude. At Mediatoonz, a lot of thoughts and analysis goes into each logo we design.

Brochure, Leaflet & Folder Designing
The Brochure is an offline tool that elaborates your companies profile along with the products and services offered by your company. At Mediatoonz, we ensure that your brochures and leaflets make an impression and influence the decision of your customer.

Company Profile
We design magazines, annual reports, in-house newsletters as per as our client's specific requirements.
Stationery Design
We design stationeries such as letterheads, envelopes, visiting cards, labels, which convey your corporate identity.

Web Applications
Web applications are gaining popularity over desktop applications because they are easy to update, distribute and scale. They typically require nothing to be installed on the users’ computer and can be used by thousands of users simultaneously. We believe this is the future.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
SEO is a set of processes used to increase the number of visitors to a Web site by improving its ranking and therefore visibility on a defined set of search engines. You want your website to be found so you have the opportunity to do business. When most people search the internet; they click through to pages listed within the top 10. If they find what they are looking for within pages listed on the top 10 they have no reason to go to other websites listed on the second and third pages. At Mediatoonz, we have a deep understanding of how to effectively optimize your web pages as per the rules of the search engines and increase your website’s traffic with the help of targeted keywords.